Greeting Card and Pamphlet Card Books

Our Custom Keepsake Books

At our studio, we create two unique types of keepsake books: The Greeting Card Book and the Pamphlet Card Book. These handcrafted treasures are perfect for commemorating life's special moments, whether joyful or bittersweet.

Greeting Card Book

The Greeting Card Book is designed to preserve the messages and well-wishes,  received in the form of greeting cards, during significant events. Perfect for weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations, this book uses the greeting cards provided by the customer as the text block. With customizable options for fabrics and cover wording, each book is tailored to reflect the unique story and style of the individual or couple. This book transforms a collection of cards into a unique heirloom that can be enjoyed for generations.

A custom-made book covered in vibrant blue fabric with green, radiating floral patterns, resembling fireworks, tied with a rich blue satin ribbon. The book is filled with various cards and is placed on a glass table, with a beige couch and patterned rug visible in the background.

Ready to turn your collection of greeting cards into a beautiful keepsake? Start the process today. We look forward to helping you create something truly special. 


Pamphlet Card Book

Our Pamphlet Card Book is a combination of a card and book designed for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and even funerals. Each book features a minimum of six pages, but can be customized in terms of how many people are anticipated to sign. Customization also includes decorative paper options, and other materials like leather and types of fabric or book cloth, and are presented in a handmade envelope, making them a perfect keepsake.

An open pamphlet card book displaying handwritten heartfelt messages and thank you notes from various people. There are two envelopes in the background. The messages express gratitude and well wishes, showing the personal and cherished nature of the pamphlet card book.

Ready to create a Pamphlet Card Book for your next special occasion? Contact us today to begin the process. Let us help you craft a keepsake that will be cherished for generations.