Our Story

Elegant Aloha

The look of our products and the materials we use highlight where we live and how lucky we are to call Hawaii home. We want everyone to feel the cool ocean breeze on their face or smell the sweet fragrance of plumeria when using them. That’s why we have taken more than 20 years of book conservation and bookbinding experience and created journals that are elegant and made with aloha. Don’t you think your deepest thoughts and feelings should be housed in a journal that has been thoughtfully made? Welcome to our idea of Elegant Aloha. 

Our Story

Aloha! We’re Tomomi and Joyce and we believe that understanding ourselves deeply leads to happier and more joyful life experiences. For that reason, we seek to empower personal journeys of self-discovery and inner peace through our elegant and unique journals and stationery items.

Tomomi and Joyce

In 2018 we started Kuro’s Workshop with the aim of sharing our journals with other writers and artists who wanted a journal that was durable and functional, but also handmade and elegant. 

Our journals are inspired by the influence of living in Hawaii. We wanted to find a way to use our skills as bookbinders to make a journal that highlighted the island lifestyle but also offered the same look and feel of the best journals on the market. Eventually our love of cats made its way into our designs.


journal in use 

Along the way, we created a few other items that we found useful and added them to our collection of products.


Welcome to our workshop.

Handcrafted with Aloha

We use only the highest quality materials in all of our products. All journals are made by hand using traditional methods, ensuring their longevity.